Kiehl's Gives 2016 "Working Towards a Better Earth"



June 06, 2011, Kuala Lumpur: Since its early days, Kiehl’s has been committed to the betterment of the communities where it serves its patrons. Staying true to its longstanding mission to preserve and protect the environment, Kiehl’s Malaysia is proud to introduce “Working Towards A Better Earth”, a campaign dedicated to the mission of a better environment through education and activation.

“Our passion for the environment is one that we have been known for, and have always engaged our customers with” said Yvonne Liew, L’Oreal Malaysia Group Brand Director for Kiehl’s. “Encouraged by the how well the responses have been, we want to further our efforts to the public and hopefully inspire a Malaysia that is more eco-sensitive.”    

To kick of the initiative, Kiehl’s launched Designed around the element of “play”, the interactive website is created with the primary objective of education and activation. Kiehl’s also rolled out the on-ground one-of-a-kind “Interactive Recycling Machine” for cans and plastic bottles to complement to digital initiative.

The website is structured around the “Kiehl’s Every-Tree”, a central feature of the entire campaign. The Every-Tree is a representation of all trees that stands to benefit from eco-friendly efforts of the public as a collective. Each action taken digitally and on-ground at the recycling machine will contribute towards the growth of the Kiehl’s Every-Tree.

“Many aren’t aware of the big impact certain lifestyle habits have on the environment. We hope that with a fresh approach, we can educate the public on simple, easy-to-adopt lifestyle choices they can make, that will make a huge difference to the environment” said Elaine Yong, Marketing Manager for Kiehl’s.

The website houses a carbon footprint calculator that presents tips to reducing the size of a carbon footprint, educational quick-fire games, Kiehl’s eco-responsibilities and commitments, and information on the locations of the recycling machine.

The recycling machine features a can crusher and a shredder for plastic bottles that is powered by a bicycle. Commissioned by Kiehl’s, the recycling machine was created by the social enterprise Biji-Biji utilizing both new and reclaimed parts.

The recycling machines are available to the public at Mid-Valley from the 6 – 12 June, Sunway Pyramid from 9 – 19 June, 1 Utama from 16 – 26 June and Bangsar Village from 12 – 24 June.

In July, the machines will available at Bangsar Village 2 from the 12 – 24 July and in Publika from the 25th – 31 July. In August, the Machines will be travelling north to Gurney Plaza from the 22 – 28 August, and to Queensbay Mall from 29 – 4 August.

All collected recyclables will be melted down and remade into other goods by Biji-Biji.




As a further measure to the “Working Towards A Better Earth” initiative, Kiehl’s will be donating RM 20,000 to the Malaysian Nature Society to turn Rimba Ilmu into a seed bank. A project held in partnership with University Malaya, rare species of forest plants and vegetation will be collected and cultivated at Rimba Ilmu for future re-forestation projects.  


Winner of the recent inaugural 2008 Merdeka Award and the EU Malaysian Chamber of Commerce and Industry EUROPA Awards 2012, Malaysian Nature Society (MNS) is the oldest and largest membership-based environmental non-governmental organization in Malaysia, the main force behind the protection of many key habitats as well as national, marine and state parks in Malaysia.





Kiehl’s maintains an impassioned commitment to the environment and are constantly striving to further our eco-effort in our products, packaging, stores and service. Here are our Eco-Responsibilities & Commitments:

1)      Minimize the amount of packaging used

At Kiehl’s we know it is what’s in the bottle that really matters, that’s why we keep our packaging simple focusing of our resources at what’s in the bottle. 

2)      Maximize use of recycled paper and environmentally friendly materials

We use 100% recycled material for the box packaging of our biggest skincare franchise Dermatologist Solutions print monthly newsletters on recycled paper!


3)      We reward our customers for recycling with us

To encourage customers to join the effort, we reward our customers for recycling their “empties” with us through our Recycle and Be Rewarded program. In Malaysia, we’re recycled more than 10,000 bottles since introducing the program in 2009.


4)      Building stores with the environment in mind

We build stores incorporating recovered or recycled materials wherever possible, sourcing for natural and sustainable materials, as well as energy-efficient light fixtures.


5)      Reduce environmental impact on the environment

We actively reduce water and energy usage in all manufacturing


6)      Active support of environmental initiatives

We actively support numerous environmental initiatives. Locally, we have supported various initiatives by Yayasan Anak Warisan Alam (YAWA) and Malaysian Nature Society (MNS).





Biji-Biji is a social enterprise with a mission to raise awareness about sustainable living in Malaysia. They are known for their work with waste materials, converting unwanted resources into interactive builds and installations. They aim to inspire a new generation of Malaysians with fresh and fun approaches to sustainable living.