Launched in 2010 as a global initiative by L’Oréal, the annual Citizen Day was inspired by the L’Oréal Centenary celebration in 2009 where 100 community projects were launched worldwide. Over the years, Citizen Day has been a commitment by the leading beauty company whereby its employees from across the world unite to engage in social outreach activities led by four main pillars of Beauty, Diversity, Science and Environment to make a difference in the society it serves.This is L’Oréal’s contribution to make the world more beautiful.

The first event of Citizen Day was organized in June 2010 for the L’Oréal 100th anniversary, in every country, location and entities. The objective of Citizen Day in 2010 was to make the employees understand that actions were organized based on three principles: science, education and solidarity and that the concept was Citizen Village. L’Oréal Malaysia launched “Share A Book” campaign. 5 home visits were organized. Mini libraries and computer tables were built and reading sessions were incorporated to motivate and inculcate reading habits amongst the children during the home visits. Basic necessities and education items were also provided such as encyclopedia, dictionaries, school uniforms, bags and shoes.

In 2011, Citizen Day was organized outside of office based on 3 principles: environment, vulnerability and social bond. It was a unique day for all the employees to be willing to support a project that responds to the “sustainable” spirit and to local actions. With the aim of fighting social exclusions through communication and social bonds, L’Oreal Malaysia colleagues took about 80 under privileged kids to Dorani Homestay. This place provided a unique experience to the kids and helped improved their cognitive skills through the various activities like batik painting, kite making, padi and flute making. This was a unique experience for L’Oreal colleagues as there was much interaction and bonding during the activities with the children. An internal event was also organized for L’Oreal Malaysia employees who were unable to join the voluntary Dorani Homestay activity. A ‘Bring and Buy’ bazaar was organized and all proceeds contributed went to the charitable fund

In 2012, an activity was organized based on education in protecting the environment. We took 70 underprivileged children to Pantai Remis for activities such as beach cleaning, touch pool and kite flying. The aim is to guide the children to become responsible adults through activities and inculcate a sense of responsibility to appreciate the earth through education and good practice. This is in collaboration with YAWA (Junior Environmental Group of Malaysia) a non-profit organization who educate youths on the protection of the environment.  

Last year, 143 employees of L’Oréal Malaysia came together in a collaborative effort to organize a FUN mini carnival for 76 special children from two charitable homes: Kirtarsh Handicapped and Disabled Children’s Home and Pusat Penjagaan Kanak Kanak Cacat Taman Megah. Held on 25th July 2013, L’Oréal employees bonded over this special day where they embraced fun and laughter with the children. Each employee played a specific role to ensure the carnival ran smoothly. The children gladly joined in the fun so to play games and win toys, learn how to use makeup to create art and plenty more exciting activities. Lunch was served after the carnival whereby the children were treated to a special beat boxing performance and candy floss by Kiehl’s.